Web Hosting with Rochen Servers

We host on Rochen servers in Dallas Texas and London England. Because we gather several clients into one space we can offer you low cost. We offer a private hands on web hosting solution for small, medium and large websites.


Our 1st level website pricing begins at $8.00 per month for a basic website. The yearly rate is $72 (or $7 a month)

About Rochen Servers:

Utilizing virtualization technology to distribute system load ensures our servers perform optimally and allows them to easily scale up as required. Customers hosting multiple sites under a single account may even find their own sites are served by different servers to provide the fastest performance - all while being completely transparent and seamless.

Our premium web hosting plans go beyond traditional hosting taking advantage of the latest software and hardware technologies to provide the highest levels of performance for sites.

Normally only viable for large enterprises, we utilize high performance Serial Attached Storage (SAN) arrays with Solid State Drives (SSDs). All data - whether a site file, a MySQL database or an email message - is stored on our incredibly fast and reliable enterprise storage platform.

LiteSpeed Enterprise is a drop-in replacement for the Apache web server ensuring full compatibility with popular functions like mod_rewrite as well as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. By utilizing LiteSpeed - a web server designed with performance built in from the ground up - instead of Apache, sites load much faster. We support the fastest scripting languages like PHP 7.1

Server Failover

Automatic server failover means sites are never at the mercy of a single server.

Daily Backups

Sites are backed up everyday to a secure remote location.

Application Optimized

Automatic installation and optimizations for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal sites.

Redundant Servers

If any server experiences a hardware failure then sites will automatically failover to a backup standby server and be back online within minutes. With Rochen’s premium web hosting plans extended outages due to server hardware failures are a thing of the past. Each server also has redundant Power Supply Units (PSUs) and redundant 10GBps/sec network uplinks.

Vault Backups

Working like a time capsule, files and databases can be easily restored and WordPress, Joomla and Drupal application installs can be easily rolled back to an earlier date. All data is backed up everyday to the off-server secure Rochen Vault with restore points spanning the past 30 days.

Uptime Guarantee

By investing in the best possible redundant infrastructure and hiring the smartest engineers, Rochen ensures that actual uptime is generally well above 99.9%. In a rare instance where sites may experience more than 0.1% downtime in a given month an appropriate account credit will be issued. No questions asked.